My style of engagement is somewhere between crazy uncle and the nutty professor, bringing the most up to date research to your audience in the zany way of a youth worker. Being a dad of five and spending my days training youth workers has given me a sense of the surreal that I bring to every presentation. My presentations are always engaging and leaving you with a need to do something with what you have learnt.

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Education and training

If you work with young people then you need some training. With accredited courses like the Youth Mental Health First Aid course available to you, Ultimate Youth Worker is the best in the business.

If you want to take your career to the next level come and study with me at Eastern College Australia. Critical youth work meets a Christian worldview in an industry recognised academically rigorous program.

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Professional supervision

The Ultimate Supervision Service assists practitioners to achieve maximum professional standards and personal satisfaction in the workplace. We work with youth & community services workers in:

Community health
Schools and tertiary institutions
Local, state and federal government
Non-government organizations
Youth services
And many others.

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You need to hear what Aaron has to say…

The world seems to be a scary place for young people and those who work with them. Drugs, Mental Health, Relationship Breakdowns, Education and Employment are issues that top every list of young peoples concerns. With over 15 years working with young people Aaron has a wealth of knowledge on these topics and how to encourage young people and those who work with them that the world isn’t as scary as the news makes it out.

We all want to see young people thrive. The best way to do that is to encourage them to be critical thinkers. To show love, care and compassion. To make the most of opportunities and to develop the skills needed for the future.

If your audience is young people they need to hear about their inherit worth. They need to hear that mental health issues are common in young people and that there is help available. They need to hear that the world is not as scary a place as the 6 o’clock news makes it out to be.

If your audience is youth workers they need to hear that they are important. That they make a diference. They need to hear that the future will look very different. They need to hear how they can adapt to the changing nature of their role.

As one of the most recognised speakers on the issues facing young people and those who work with them Aaron is able to tailor a presentation for your audience. A positive speaker Aaron looks for the strengths in people and has a glass is half full mentality to his presentations.

The future is what we make of it… and we can make it awesome.


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Aaron is one of the most passionate youth workers you will ever come across. His experience working with some of the most marginalised young people in Victoria has led him to rural drug and alcohol outreach, youth homelessness, youth mental health and work with children of prisoners. Aaron brings this experience as well as his work educating youth workers to bear in all of his speaking engagements. To have¬†Aaron speak to your group …

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